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People walking on a glass floor

Glass Flooring and glass floor styles

Structural glazing takes on countless forms and interesting designs for creating a functional, style element. Just one extremely effective utilization of structural glazing is definitely glass flooring . A Glass Floor is unequalled for enhancing any basement project, this is because they permit optimum daylight which penetrates to the basement area, giving a light and usable living space.

Sandblasted squares may be combined with the glass to produce grip, if being employed on a location which would be walked upon.+

Glass floor to wine cellar


Commercial glass flooring

Contemporary glass flooring design with sandblasted pattern to add feature and safety to the project.

A glass floor allows natural light to pass through it, decreasing the requirement for man-made illumination as well as delivering an all natural supply of daylight. The advantages of sunlight throughout the heart of any constructing is going to completely transform what may normally be a dreary and claustrophobic area. The beautiful reflections from the glass can bring a warm and invigorating dimension the any home or commercial property.

Glass Floor Staircases

Glass flooring installed in Kensington London

Thermal walkon structural glass floor Kensington London

A modern Glass Floor will add a unique appeal to any property, wether it is a domestic or commercial one.

A glass staircase is another glass floor solution which enhances both home or office space, clear or sandblasted glass can be used to create a stunning Glass staircase feature, depending on the look and safety concerns of the location of the structure.


Glass floor stairs in commercial property

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