Contemporary Glass Pods



Glass Pods

Our standard modular units are 900mm wide and 2800mm tall including the blacked out area at the top designed to mask the roof cavity. We find that the 900mm wide module offers good flexibility to create most suitable size and shape of builds required. If such a module size does not suit your project dimensions, bespoke unit sizes can be made up as a special order, which in conjunction with our 900mm modules can go to enclose the size of area required. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation in such instances.


Colour Tinted or Reflective Glass

All of our standard modular sealed units are made from clear glass which tends to have an intrinsic green tinge to it when viewed from an angle. As an option a clear solar film can be professionally applied to the inner pane of glass giving the appearance of a tinted glass. A variety of tint colours are available primarily from shades of brown, green and blue each with their own specific character to best suit their intended environment.

In addition to tinted films we can also offer reflective films which give a mirror effect to the glass and again are available in a range of metallic tints. During the day a building with reflective film applied to it will simply reflect it's surroundings making it almost invisible. We should point out that if inside a building fitted with reflective film at night time with the light on, it is usually quite difficult to see outside although those outside can see in. There are some ways to remedy this by moderating the level of internal light and adding some external light. Please feel free to call for advice on such points





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