Modern Glass Extensions - an insight to design and location.


it sounds obvious, but as far as possible the design you choose should complement the design
of your home. Shape is very important, traditional structures hark back to the Victorian era and tend to work better on older or period homes.

  • Wooden framed structures can be painted any colour; muted earth tones provide a farmhouse feel that many customers find appealing.

  • New designs that seek to seamlessly blend homes with their outdoor space are more flexible. Increasingly these structures rely less on frames and more on impressive glass walls, which add a stylistic dimension to buildings of any age.
    modern home they can be used to create a real design statement, in an older home they provide an unobtrusive addition to period architecture.

    A Glass Extension showing a continuous flow from outside to inside the home!

  • Colour choice of your product is also something to consider. Gone are the days of the
    typical white UV suppliers will offer you a wide range of colour paint options, giving you the freedom to make a personal statement in harmony with your lifestyle.

  • trend that has great resonance for 2011 is a return to made-by-hand, bespoke craftsmanship. This trend, which began in the food industry a few years ago, has filtered from food into fashion and interiors. people have learnt to appreciate craft, talent and originality. personalized made-for-me items are the new must have.


  • If you are thinking about adding a modern extension to your home, one of the first decisions you’re likely to have to make is where to build it. Good designers will be able to offer advice on the most appropriate place for your conservatory or orangery, as well as consult on issues surrounding planning permission and building regulations.

  • Is your modern extension is likely to comprise mostly of glass, it makes sense to build it in an area where the outdoor surroundings are also, to make the most of your indoor/outdoor space, try and choose somewhere where you are guaranteed a decent
    amount of sunlight.

    The flood of natural light achieved by the Glass Extension, is second to none!

  • Choosing flooring that is the same material indoors and out will help
    merge the two, leading the eye outdoors and making inside feel bigger.

  • Finally, in order to get the most possible use out of additional space, it’s good to choose somewhere that’s easily accessible from the rest of the home. For example, if your conservatory is an extension to an existing living space, or family area such as the kitchen it’s more likely it will become a functional part of your home.




















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