Modern Extensions in a class of their own.

We offer a huge choice in Modern Conservatories.

Modern conservatories are a great addition to any home, functioning as a living room, dining area, or even a music room or Gym. It is also a great way to add value to your home for when you decide to put it up for sale after a several years while providing you with the extra living space that you need now. There are different types of conservatories that you can consider having built onto your home, all of which have different features that can certainly add elegance and beauty to your home’s interiors or exteriors.

These days the traditional Conservatory style that has been around for many years has had its day, new materials, technology and designs have changed the conservatory market forever. Homes are becoming far more contemporary and require conservatories to compliment this.

Luxurious colour finishes with large expanses of glass are far more pleasing to the eye than the old style white Upvc conservatories. At Glass Design and Build we think it is of utmost importance to design your new conservatory with your lifestyle in mind. Our designer with discuss any ideas you have and suggest many other features to help enhance your ideas.

Of course, not all houses are built equal, and you may have a home that is less than traditional in design. If you prefer contemporary furnishings in your home then a modern conservatory is just the right addition that you can consider.

Contemporary conservatories are usually made of glass and aluminum, although there are some that prefer a mixture of glass and hardwood, or perhaps glass and steel.

Either way, it provides your home the added comfort and can serve as added space that you can use for a number of purposes. Whether you like better an orangery, a modern conservatory or the more traditional ones, these home extensions are excellent for many uses.

The collection of conservatories available from Glass Design and Build is vast to say the least and impossible to do justice without speaking to one of our professional designers, here we show you a tiny selection of the colours, styles and designs that we offer you, Conservatories are to be used all year round and not just for the summer months, so when our designer arrives to design your conservatory with you he will design with this in mind also.


Our contemporary styles really can be as futuristic as you could imagine. From steel structures to space-age glass pods, whatever you desire we can provide! Polished Titanium, Aluminium finishes, sun tracking blinds built inside the glass units with LED lighting controlled via remote control to switchable privacy glass and audio visual systems.

These can be incorporated into any design so please feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation at your home.

Our Modern Conservatories are crafted from the finest materials, these include, Aluminium and Timber.

It is very important with traditional conservatory designing to keep the character and styling of the home and to design a spatial design for that property that compliments this, custom paints can be applied to the conservatories to match any existing painting on the windows or doors thus making sure that it blends seamlessly with the existing features and colour scheme.

What ever style, colour, material or design you could wish for created specifically for you!

Modern Conservatories designed to your lifestyle

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