Specialists in Frameless Glazing products


Frameless Glazing provides a seamless integration to the outdoors

At Glass Design and Build we specialize in many types of Frameless and Architectural glass structures, these include Glass Flooring, Glass Canopies, Atriums, Staircases and many other situations where high technology glass can be used to add a unique and timeless finish to any project.

Modern structural frameless glass provides enormous possibilities within architectural glazing design. The ultra modern Frameless Glazing system is the perfect method of maximizing the degree of pure natural daylight transmitted inside the home, at the same time creating a unique esthetical feature which makes any home stand out from the crowd.

Frameless glazing systems are almost always designed to create a comprehensive flush exterior finish. The large glass panels are generally reinforced by using structural glass beams or in the situation of a glass to glass corner, reinforced through the adjoining glass itself. The glass units will be supported and retained by using stainless-steel fixtures and our hinges have been designed specifically for Glass Design and Build and are milled from a solid piece of stainless steel.

Structural frameless glass can be used to create large open glazed areas like the the one shown in this image, the mix of the old stone or brickwork and the ultra modern frameless glass is a look that really grabs your attention and imagination.

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