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Kitchen/Dining room Glass Extension

The Glass Extension image here shows how the home can be opened out with the outside wall removed, this creates a flowing space through the home and into the garden area. A Glass Extension is the perfect addition to homes where the owners like to entertain friends and family, whether your in the Glazed extension or in the garden you can all still see each other and feel part of the get together, with more conventional home improvements like the Conservatory this is not always the case.

Glass Extensions

Glass Extension with a solid roof

The Glass Extension featured here has a solid roof and needs extra support via the pillar in the corner to support the roof, the skylights in the roof bring a flood of light to the floor space below and also add a nice feature to this project.

Frameless Glass Extensions

Glass Extensions on older properties

The character of this thatched roof property and the modern Glass Extension create a really unique twist, often a Glass Extension will be granted planning permission when a framed system is denied, this is mainly because the glass structure will not obstruct any views of the property.

Glass Extensions

Self cleaning glass

The glass on our Glass Extensions can be supplied with self cleaning glass which means that the beautiful clear views you see will not take hours of cleaning to stay that way.


How would your home benefit from a glass extension?

Glass extensions have become increasingly popular over recent years and there is a good reason for that. A modern glass extension is almost guaranteed to increase the value of your home.  This is because they really open up your home creating more light, space and give a more modern feel to any age of house.

Frameless glazed extensions can be used for any type of room, from kitchens to play rooms.  They can open up the home and make the most of any view or garden. You may think that they give a modern conservatory style feel, but today's glass box extensions are far more than a conservatory - they are a real style statement, giving your home a stunning contemporary edge.

The type of structural glazing used means that they can be custom built to meet almost any requirement, the glass can be incorporated into wood, brick or be entirely frameless.  This type of extension really brings the outdoors into your home. Given the changeable UK climate, you won't be confined to stay indoors as a glass extension allows you to sit in the garden whilst being protected by extension. Imagine the joy of sitting in your outside area when it is snowing or raining, enjoying nature whilst remaining warm and dry.

These glass extensions are also great for summer because the glass keeps the heat out allowing you to still enjoy your extra space when a traditional conservatory would not usually allow you to do so.  There are no limits to what kind of structure you can do with a glass extension, a single extension to the home or a two story extension to really give that WOW factor. 

The bi-fold doors give maximum accessibility and let the outside in even more. One of the many benefits of glass extensions are the minimal intrusiveness compared to traditional conservatories. One concern might be the amount of cleaning that a glass extension might need.

  It is good news that nowadays you can get glass that is self cleaning, meaning you won't get streaky windows or windows that constantly need cleaning. You won't get condensation trapped between the panes with this type of glazing. The various glass ranges that are available mean that there is something for most budgets and specifications.


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