Glass Extensions and Frameless Glass features

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With the expertise of our design and technical teams working hand in hand, the glass extensions that Glass Design and Build can create are simply stunning. You can get sweeping glass expansions without any steel, Aluminium or Upvc to obstruct a purely magnificent view of your garden or outdoor area.

Glass Extension for client in Surrey

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Our experienced design and technical teams work together to create stunning glass extension without the need for intrusive steel, Upvc or aluminium frames. This allows you to get the most magnificent view of your outdoor area or garden whilst letting in as much light as possible. The benefits of glazed extensions are numerous, they create a feeling of space, airiness and bring the outdoors seamlessly into your home. Imagine gazing at the stars from your glass extension, cooking under the snow, partying in the rain – all are possible thanks to the technical specifications of a glass extension. These extensions don't just give you extra space though, they add value to your home, create a wow factor and improve the way your home is utilized.


Glass Extensions styles

The picture below is a modern glazed extension giving a fluid integration from the home to the glass extension area. The possibilities are endless and many times our clients have ideas that they never thought could be achieved, but using the clients idea`s and our own design flair and technical know how we can bring to life most unbelievable home extension.

Glass extension Surrey in grey

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Specification of our Glass Box Extensions

Glass is not traditionally known for its strength but the glass used to build these beautiful glass enclosures is second to none, with a U value of only 1.4 as standard. The U value is a measurement of how well a structure keeps heat inside a building. This might be a wall, a roof or in the case glass. The U-value is also a good indicator of how long a structure can keep cool. The higher the U-value, the more heat passes though the structure, so a low U-value means that the heat is kept inside, whilst the cold is kept out but visa versa in the warmer months.

This means that the glass used by glass design and build comes well within the maximum requirement. It is extremely thermally efficient and even lower U Values can be achieved by altering the specification of the glass to give a greater performance of 1.1 or even as low as 0.7. This is more than able to handle our British weather while keeping you, your family and friends in a cozy, warm area in winter and a pleasantly cool one in summer. Furthermore, the whole environment is extremely pleasing to the eye.

Glass gives you design flexibility

These extensions can be used in many ways. They are great for use in your kitchen, dining areas, office entrance, play room or just where you kick off your shoes and relax. You can take in the breathtaking views of nature whilst sitting in these total glass enclosures admiring your garden landscaping. The whole experience gives you the feeling of being sat outside whilst being protected from the elements.

One of our clients said sitting at night watching his garden was like watching a high Definition wildlife program without it being spoilt by the advertisements - what an excellent way to explain the unique experience of the modern glazed extension. Try cooking under the snow, watching the sunset from you dining table or opening the whole extension up to let nature enter your home.

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