Sash Windows in timber or Upvc to the highest standard

Sash windows

Newly installed Upvc Sash windows for Mr. & Mrs. Knox

East Yorkshire

Sash window features

Why replace with Upvc Sash Windows?

We are pleased to say that the Sash windows we supply and install in Upvc will retain the style and character of your home and the elegance of yesteryears wooden sash windows without the need to paint them every couple of years.

While keeping the traditional sash look and feel we incorporate the latest in glazing technology to ensure that you will be able to benefit in more ways than one, i.e. not only will your new sash windows reduce drafts and improve sound proofing you will also have the luxury of a super smooth mechanism which as any home owner with original sash windows will know that with time the old wooden sash windows become very difficult to use and often rattle and jam, this along with the low maintenance of Upvc makes replacing your old wooded sash windows with new Upvc one`s a clear favourite with our clients.


With traditional fittings the Upvc Sash window will keep your home a low maintenance timeless classic for generations to come.


White Painted Timber Effect Sash Windows

Until now, it has been difficult to get close to the original white painted appearance of the original timber sash windows with modern low maintenance materials. Our range of Sash replacement windows offer an authentic grained painted timber effect in a white finish which creates a stunning authentic sash windows painted wood appearance with the low maintenance and longevity of PVC-u

Sash finish
Sash details

Deep Bottom Rail

Traditionally the bottom rail on the lower sash was far deeper than it’s side members, constructed from 4 or 5 inch timbers the lower rail carried most of the sash weight. It is far easier, and cheaper, for manufacturers to weld sashes without this important feature. This simplistic approach destroys the authentic appearance and elegant sight lines of the original authentic sash windows. Vintage windows are uniquely constructed with deep bottom rails as standard to maintain this crucial appearance detail which is so important to retaining the look and value of your home.

Continuous Horns

Horns are the decorative feature found just below the upper sash. The Victorians introduced horns in the 1850’s to prevent the sash weights from damaging window frames as sash windows gained extra weight from thicker and heavier plate glass. Modern window manufacturers mimic this important original feature of authentic sash windows by sticking on, “replica” horns. This is one of the many “artificial” details planners find most objectionable. Vintage sash windows have integrated continuous horns, which are so essential to achieving a truly authentic appearance.

Sash windows


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