Where Glass and Technology converge.

With our own innovative techniques in glass manufacturing and the combination of the latest technologies, we design and create impressive architectural glass structures that provide improved aesthetics and practicality within your home.

These techniques include advanced lamination processes and the integration of innovative technologies such as our bespoke LED lighting and thermal control, enhancing our products’ functionality and visual appeal.

At Glass Design & Build London, we specialise in many glass designs, including structural glass flooring, to which we can incorporate our unique technology.  Our advanced bespoke creations are designed uniquely for your property or home, integrating elements like laminated and toughened glass for durability and safety.

Our structural glass flooring, can for example, feature an enhanced load-bearing capacity including drive on and slip-resistant surfaces, ensuring safety and durability whilst maintaining an elegant appearance.  This makes it ideal for building glass bridges, walkways and light wells over a basement.


Leatherhead External Walk-on Glass-Floor


Why you should follow the modern new trend…

Glass is increasingly used within private residences and public and commercial properties as luxury modern interiors incorporating technology are becoming more mainstream, so should you follow this contemporary trend?

Glass companies have been integrating small glass panels within flooring for over 15 years, but at Glass Design & Build London – our expertise and innovative techniques take glass flooring to the next level and beyond, employing and utilising cutting-edge technologies such as interactive lighting and heat-insulating properties.

With many opportunities, we combine technology within the structural glass to create stunning focal-pieces in your home that are aesthetically pleasing but also energy-efficient and user-friendly, enhancing your property and your day-to-day living.

Let natural light flood in to your home

With the installation of our structural glass flooring to your property or home, this creates the illusion of a much larger space and is also a great way to connect you with daylight. Integrating as much glass as possible into your home and property maximises the natural light allowing it to flood into areas where light couldn’t usually reach.

This approach is consistent with biophilic design principles, emphasising integrating natural elements to enhance well-being.  Research shows that increased natural light can improve mood and productivity, making these designs visually appealing and beneficial for mental health and daily comfort.

You will find that filling your home with natural light will create a much more pleasant and healthier atmosphere and environment.

Camberly illuminated glass floor

view across glass floor


Why our designs are different

Other glass companies offer a service that simply adds glass to an existing floor surface, meaning that you only get a small section.  At Glass Design & Build London, we are unique in accomplishing impressive large dimensions of structural glass flooring, and by mitigating a lot of the steelwork using our secret hidden fixing systems along with structural glass beams in extra clear glass, making the entire floor area from glass – resulting in a stunning glass floor which offers total clarity and maximum light penetration.

Not only do we design and engineer a full-structural glass flooring system that maximises light and space, but we also prioritise sustainability by using recyclable materials and energy-efficient processes in manufacturing, aligning with modern eco-friendly construction trends.  We have also developed and integrated the world’s first LED lighting system within our glass floor system.  This lighting system can be an RGB (red, green, blue), illuminating any desired colour!  Why not take it a step further – we can even customise the lighting system to have the lights pulse to the rhythm of the music or to set the ultimate ambience for your party and guests.

You can control the structural glass flooring lighting system using your smartphone or tablet with our app-based interface, making the system easy to use and meaning you can change the lights from the touch of your screen.

Our bespoke walk-on structural glass flooring system is unique and is state-of-the-art design.

Camberley - illluminated glass floor as viewed from below

illuminated glass beam

What to expect in the near future

Here at Glass Design & Build London, we are constantly innovating to incorporate new technology into the glass structures that we engineer – creating elegant designs which are a contemporary statement feature for your home.

What’s coming in 2024?

Without giving too much away about the projects we have planned for the upcoming year, our designs will become even grander and more impressive than ever before.  Expect advancements in energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable materials, aligning with global trends towards greener building practices.  We will continue to incorporate technology into our designs to create unique and outstanding bespoke products.

Motorisation will become a more significant factor in our future designs with moving glass floor systems, display screens incorporated within and features appearing as if from nowhere.  Our systems will offer enhanced connectivity and automation features in line with the growing demand for smart home integration.  We are also developing our new Aqua-Glass system, to which we will give details later in the year – so watch this space as this exciting, new development progresses…

We are excited about what the future will bring for Glass Design & Build London and introducing new ways to enhance your property and create unique, stunning designs. We have already built structural glass floors in large oversized dimensions, and we plan to carry on developing our fantastic product range.

looking up through low iron glass floor


Want to find out more?

If you think our walk-on structural glass flooring system could benefit your home or property and enhance your project, please call and speak to our professional team members to learn more about or systems and how we can assist you.  Each project we design and create is bespoke, giving you a unique look that won’t be found anywhere else and meets your exact requirements.

Our team stays up-to-date with the latest building regulations and safety standards to ensure your installation looks spectacular and adheres to the highest safety and compliance standards.

We have installed structural glass flooring throughout the UK and have offices in  London and Surrey.  To find out how our structural glass flooring could be integrated into your home or project, please call us on  0207 074 8989.