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Marantz believes that music is pure emotion. It is not just heard, it is felt, dreamt and seen, it inspires, creates energy and stimulates. In the case of film, it is the music that reinforces the agony and ecstasy of a film’s story. Marantz believes that the listener should experience music exactly how the artist had intended. Clearly this requires high quality products which Marantz have produced with incredible passion and skill.

There are several product lines offered by Marantz. “The Range” series offers the most flexible building options system imaginable for every lifestyle. The “Premium Series” is able to guarantee the best possible listening experience to the hi-fi purists out there. The “Reference” models have been able to reproduce the emotional of pure music. Finally, The Ken Ishiwata (KI) models offer supreme and unparalleled quality. A gifted designer, Ken Ishiwata believes that sound reproduction should be able to touch the listener incomparably to any other sensation. The personal signature he uses on a Marantz product shows the listener a sign of high fidelity – with no compromise. Marantz SR6006

Marantz SR6006 AV receiver

marantz music playerThe new AV receiver by Marantz is the SR6006 and it has received an incredible write up in the Sound Vision Install magazine. With its world famous circular display, the new Marantz SR6006 has networking facilities for audio streaming, Air Play from any Apple iDevice and Internet radio. There is an HDMI on the front, and a further two at the rear allowing simultaneous output. It also has an iPod compatible USB input (digital) and vinyl fans will love the Phono MM input. But it’s not just about versatility, the SR6006 is powerful: the audio quality can only been described as breath-taking.

A world class cinematic experience is created by such high quality audio processing. This is further improved by the Dynamic Volume Control. This means that when a TV commercial interrupts, the volume won’t annoyingly increase. The SR6006 will automatically make the right connection when you use a different source thanks to the video up scaling of analogue and digital video signals. Review The Marantz SR6006 “creates a devastatingly convincing cinematic experience” in Sound Vision Install magazine (Dec. 2011).Dec. 20, 2011

Marantz CD5004 CD player

The latest critically acclaimed product from Marantz is the award winning CD6004 CD player. This exceptional piece has a centralised CD system and enhanced power supply, all fixed on a vibration reducing chassis with a new solid and sturdy metal bottom plate. Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC provides the digital to analogue conversion, and as well as handling standard CD audio and WMA/MP3 files from disc. It can also accept audio digitally from Apple iOS devices via the front-panel USB socket. This new CD player is also able to charge a connected iPad, iPod or iPhone.

The CD6004 is a match made in heaven for the music lover who wants nothing but the best performance at an attractive price. This CD6004 has another benefit – it is ideal for those who like to have their music whilst on the go thanks to the iPod – digital connectivity. A music lover cannot go wrong with the CD6004 as it offers the best performance at a price that is enticing.

Reviews of CD6004:

What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision magazine gave the CD6004 five out of five stars describing it as: The best CD player up to £500. “Superbly open and spacious delivery; offering fine detail and subtle dynamic with the added bonus of an iPod connection” Audioholics review: For CD fanatics that are looking for the perfect companion for their new PM6004 Integrated Amp, the Marantz CD6004 is for you. With Made for iPod/Works with iPhone certification and front mounted USB port, the CD6004 is more than a simple high-end CD player. This page was created using BCL ALLPDF Converter trial software.

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