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Monitor Audio Ltd is a specialist in hi-fi loudspeaker design, incorporating a series of sonically matched architectural surround sound systems and speakers stereo for ultra discreet high quality sound both in and out of the home.
There is a Monitor Audio speaker for every budget and taste, giving you the solution to your audio desires. Monitor Audio has dedicated all their craftsmanship, technical expertise and innovation to the creation of top of the range loudspeakers ever since the birth of hi-fi.

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The aim is to communicate the real meaning of our brand and reward the people who buy them with the best speakers possible. Monitor Audio are unique in that they want you to enjoy and share the blend of performance, style, quality, and sophistication.
The company’s success is not just a matter of excellent sound quality, although expert listeners around the world will qualify that statement. It’s more about how we convey the sonic superlatives.


Monitor Audio – the PL200 loudspeaker.

monitor audio speaker systemMonitor Audio’s Platinum range has a latest addition – the PL200 loudspeaker.  This speaker skillfully re-sizes the PL300 without taking away from its design excellence and the sonic virtues.  A re-scaled version of the Platinum eight inch bass driver has been used and a re-configuration of the TLE (Tapered Line Enclosure). Offering near parity to the PL300, the compact PL200 three-way speaker features a 4″ RDT mid-range driver, twin 6.5″ RDT bass drivers, and a C-CAM® ribbon transducer.  At just less than one metre in height, it is innovatively shaped and finished in Ebony wood veneers, piano black lacquer and exotic Santos Rosewood.  To the front is high quality leather.


‘Baby’ Monitor PL200 makes it big time

triple speaker setup
“Beautiful build and finish; fabulous cohesion and clarity; genuine scale and drive; agile, expressive stereo presentation…Exceptional in every sense.”
Stereophile Review
“The impeccably finished PL200 offers a balanced performance from top to bottom…Through the PL200’s I heard details of orchestration that simply had not been apparent before…When it came to transparency-the PL200 once again performed like a champ…”
RX6 AV12 Speaker Package
The best RX6 multi-channel system uses RX6s and the RX Centre for the front channels, discreet RXFX speakers in the surround role and these are all underpinned by the awesome RXW-12 sub woofer.



The Monitor Audio RST cone profile consists of a radial pattern of surface dimples. Our simulations as well as listening tests have shown the dimples substantially improve cone rigidity allowing C-CAM/RST cones to withstand mechanical bending forces, which could twist the shape of inferior cones and create distorted audio sound. The strengthening impact in the RST dimples implies that we are able to use slimmer, lighter additional responsive C-CAM cones, offering speed and accuracy but offering drastically decreased distortion. The RST dimples also aid to displace standing waves that can propagate on the cone’s surface.

Review OF RX6 AV12 by What Hifi?

“Monitor Audio has a winner on its hands. The RX6 AV12 is a fantastic all-rounder and serious contender for class-leading status.”

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