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passive house diagramWhat is a Passive House?

The Passive House is a voluntary building standard, that exceeds the present regulations by far. Built according to
this standard the need for heating will be reduced by 90%. Compared to conventional build, which has an average heating demand of 150kWh/m2a,
these homes need only 15kWh/m2a.

– The remaining heating and hot water demand can be covered almost completely by renewable energies.

– Zero Carbon Housing will be achieved by additionally reducing the electricity demand and alternative means of supply




Passive house sustainable investment

A Passive house provides a consistent, comfortable temperature in winter, as well as in summer without using a conventional heating or air conditioning system.

Using the existing temperature provided through solar irradiation through the windows as well as the heat from appliances and inhabitants is sufficient, the necessary heating energy for a passive house is only 10% of that needed for a conventional house.

Raising Comfort

Bar chart of comfortDue to the powerful insulation the heat stays inside the building, all surrounding surfaces are equally warm. For this reason there is no radiation asymmetry (heat radiation) originating from exterior walls in a passive house, and also the resulting draught phenomena are avoided. The reverse conclusion would be that the heat stays outside in the summer to avoid overheating.

Internorm: Passive house certified 5 times over! High quality components are a must for achieving the passive house building standard. An objective appraisal of one particular property – energy efficiency – is, however, not always possible. Consequently, the introduction of a norm for product comparison is both effective and meaningful. The independent Dr. Wolfgang Feist Passive House Institute of Darmstadt sets guidelines and carries out a standardised evaluation of products according to these requirements. Certificated products have the appellation, “passive house-appropriate components” and this indicates excellent quality in terms of energy-efficiency. The choice of certificated components eases the task of the planner and helps achieve the passive house building standard.


Passive house products

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