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Glass roofing is becoming a popular, and sought-after design feature in modern and contemporary property design.

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Bespoke glass roofing

At Glass Design & Build London, we have an expansive range of glass roofing products with various specifications and options, and with advancements in modern glazing technologies and production processes we can design, engineer and install our glass roofing systems with virtually infinite uses and possibilities.

Our glass roofs can be designed to fit into almost any space and be engineered to have either fixed or opening configurations such as lift or slide open for example and can be operated manually or by remote control.

Increase the influx of natural daylight

As part of our range of home glazing solutions, our glass roofing products are one of the most effective ways to help increase the influx of natural daylight into an area below by providing a direct link to the sky above, which in-turn can bestow additional health benefits for mindfulness and wellbeing.

Luxurious & stylistic aesthetics

Glass roofs, depending upon the style and design can add a luxurious and stylistic aesthetic to your home which is one of the primary stipulations for our clients.

With the addition of toughened or laminated glazing within our minimalist frames our bespoke engineered systems are sure to create a design focal piece in almost any home or space making them the ideal and perfectly resplendent addition to any given home.



As mentioned, there are various specifications and options that can be incorporated into your new bespoke glass roofing system and this indeed applies to the glazing element as there is a wide capacity for customisation in the glazing we install depending upon your needs and requirements, and can be incorporated together in many applications.

Toughened glass is a standard as far as safety is concerned within any structural design as it is much stronger and more resistant to breaking than standard glass.

Akin to toughened glass, laminated glazing is utilised as a preventative measure. It is made up of layers of glass with interlayers of special film that give the overall glazed unit its strength so if the glass was to be damaged it would remain in one piece and hold together rather than shattering into pieces.

In addition, special coatings can be applied to the glazed units that lower the U-value and low-emissivity (low-E) which ensures a high level of insulation by regulating the amount of heat that passes either way through the glass which helps improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. Our bespoke glass roof systems are extremely popular with clients wishing to maintain their privacy whilst wanting to make the most of the natural daylight – options can include heat and rain sensors, incorporated blinds and our bespoke LED lighting and be fully remote controlled, electric smart glass – so the glazing can go from transparent to opaque by the press of a button.

Also there are a further range of upgrade options available such as – increased thermal and acoustic properties (sound proofing) with triple glazing or specialist interlayers, easy-clean coatings which is hydrophilic and can be photo catalytic, coloured tints to reduce the solar glare and even photochromic tints which will automatically darken with the brightness of the sun to enhance your new glass roof system.



Glass Roofing Conservatory
Glass Roofing in conservatory
Glass Roofing in living area

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