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Structural Glazing

Structural glazing is the designation used to describe glass that is fundamental to the design of a building that incorporates large glass panels which bear weight as part of the overall structure enabling us to produce large glass installations with minimal obstruction.

At Glass Design & Build London we implement the use of our bespoke structural glass within our systems to transform the look of your property which enhances your home, both internally and externally and comes in a variety of configurations such as beams, flooring, roof-lights, staircases, balustrades, windows and doors.

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Bespoke Design & Creative Engineering

Our bespoke structural glazing is designed, engineered and manufactured using a process that increases the strength up to 7 times and can is strong enough to be used for walk-on flooring and staircases.

For our large frameless structural glass installations, this can sometimes require the use of a crane to lift the glass units into position before being structurally fixed using industrial strength silicone bonding agents and which may require the need for hidden mechanical fixings dependent upon the design.  Bespoke multiple height structures can also be achieved with the use of our  structural glazing to spectacular effect.

Our knowledge of architectural 4 sided structural glazing along with our expertise in incorporating the latest innovative glass technologies allows us to devise and engineer solutions that culminate in spectacular creativeness and inspiration.

As a part of our professional design consultation and survey service, we will assess your property and the general site for access of any machinery that may be required in the construction of your project such as spider cranes, excavators for example.

There is no typical style to our designs and with the freedom that structural glass allows our designers, almost anything is possible.  As a specialist construction company and what sets us aside from other structural glazing companies is that Glass Design and Build London deliver the knowledge along with many years of expertise that we have gained working on numerous architectural projects which include listed properties and luxury residential properties.


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