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Biparting Doors

Our bi-parting doors, offer a contemporary design with a practical function, which make them a great feature and open up your home. These can consist of internal and external 90° corners with out the requirement for a post.

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Interior of modern luxury penthouse apartmentBi-parting door systems are becoming our designers product of choice.

Our bi-parting sliding door system takes up a minimum amount of space and is suited for those narrow corner balconies and terraces – maximising space to both sides of the sliding system creating a more eloquent design statement. Our systems have multiple design and bespoke installation options such as enhanced thermal performance, acoustic sound insulating properties, easy-clean coatings, coloured tints, upgraded security, special finishes and can also be motorised.

Whilst closed, they offer stunning floor to ceiling glazing, allowing far more light to enter the room than a traditional door or window. When open, allow freedom of movement with one of the features being that the doors can be recessed into a wall and hidden away, allowing uninterrupted access and flush thresholds. The slim profile of our contemporary bi-parting door system allows for less space to be consumed and is much sleeker than the traditional patio or French door options and offer a sleek contemporary design with a minimalist style.


Bi Parting Doors
Bi Parting Doors
Bi Parting Doors

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Our bi-parting door systems are ideal for your property. A main benefit is the practicality of the door system and how well they function in confined spaces. Smaller homes will benefit from the increased influx of light, creating an airy feel. Whilst larger properties can benefit from linking multiple bi-parting door systems – allowing for more design options that can create your stunning grand design.

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