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We would highly recommend our design consultation & survey service from which we aspire to maximise the design potential of your property, based upon your requirements and criteria.

Our design team have the creative flair and clear vision to see beyond and overcome most site conditions and complexities with our specialist expertise and knowledge from years within the construction and glazing industry.

We can provide a complete project managed and full turn-key service, which can include all the required consents such as planning, listed building, conservation area and complete building regulation approval.  We have our own in-house architectural design team, structural and glass engineer and surveyors that produce highly detailed technical working drawings.  Complete and full construction including the fit-out, interior design as well as grand landscaping.

Design and Survey Consultation

The duration of the design and survey consultation will depend upon the property, complexity of the design, site conditions and scale of the project, with the meeting requiring a minimum of two hours.

All aspects covered as detailed below:-

  • Check the property and site access for equipment, such as a spider crane, excavators and
  • other plant machinery that may be required.
  • Design potential and construction possibilities.
  • Dimensions attained and photographs taken.
  • Planning permission requirements.
  • Building Regulation compliance.
  • Construction and building works.
  • Investigate and locate (where possible) drainage systems including foul water, soil vent pipe, inspection chambers, grey water, open gullies, rodding eyes, plumbing and all pipe work including mains water feed, gas and electric supply.
  • Materials and colour options for the project.
  • Glazing requirements specified for the project and site location.
  • Detailed specification and full estimate.

Our comprehensive range of in-house professional services are specifically designed to save you the headache and time of dealing with multiple contractors and trades. We know how precious time is, especially yours, therefore we undertake and manage all the aspects that are involved in a project for you as detailed below:

  • Turning your vision for your home into an initial concept and then we work with you to create your detailed design and features
  • We undertake all the required numerous surveys and formulate all the architectural plans, detailed construction drawings and visualisations
  • Draft and submit all required consents including planning applications and building regulations
  • Full construction
  • Design and implement all your interior architecture including grand landscaping

If you would like to know more on how we can assist you with your project then please contact us directly on 0207 074 8989. Please see below further details of the services that we offer:

Our Architectural Design Process

Because you are individual, so will be your requirements for your home. Our ethos is to create the ideal environment for you and your family.

Our in-house RIBA architects have a passion for design and contemporary architecture, driven in the knowledge that well-designed spaces transform lives.

Our managed stages as detailed below, describes how we begin to develop and formulate our stunning contemporary designs.


A professional project begins with our specialist design consultation.  At this meeting we discuss your vision, your ideas and desires, your objectives and aims, creating the project brief.  Also, using our extensive knowledge of design and construction, we provide guidance on what is feasible from a planning and construction perspective.


The next stage is for our specialist surveyors to conduct a digital laser measured building and grounds survey to record the existing layout of your property including the site levels, the exterior elevations and surrounding buildings and features.

From this, we are able to produce existing detailed plans of your property which we then use as reference to create our new designs and concept options based upon the project brief.


To begin the design process, we look at how you currently live in your home and carefully analyse the project brief we created with you. We then explore options to realise the vision for your home.

We present our initial ideas to you in the form of 2D plans and drawings, high quality 3D photo-realistic images can be produced to help you visualise your project. We encourage you to have an open mind to new ideas and ask questions.  At this stage, this is simply overall concept ideas and not the final detail.  That comes next.


Once you are happy with the overall project concept for your home, we will begin to propose ideas and design features on how we could develop the scheme further.

Working on your feedback to our proposals, we begin to work this up in more detail and can be presented to you as a 3D photo-realistic model enabling you to visualise and fully realise how the design and layout will work for you.


Once the final project design has been agreed, we will continue to add the extra layers of detail and annotation required to create a full set of planning application drawings.

We will submit the full planning application on your behalf and monitor its progress, liaising with the appointed planning officer where necessary.


Before construction can commence, we create a fully detailed set of working construction drawings. These are required by law for the Building Regulations Application, which must be submitted prior to commencement of the project. As with the Planning Application, we submit the application on your behalf, liaising with Building Control as required to obtain approval.

During this stage we work with you to develop the finer details and design features of the project, to ensure you have the quality and level of finish you desire.  This can include attention to detail of interior design, fit-out and grand landscaping if required.

Further detailed drawings and specifications are then created to document each change or decision.


Our architects remain involved with the project through to its completion. This close involvement during construction ensures that your finished project meets the standards and vision that we all set out to achieve from the initial project brief.

Architectural Visualisations

We can produce a variety of Digital Architecture from three dimensional visualisations including  high resolution rendered designs to photo realistic representations that depicts your scheme /project.

The rendered visualisations can be used in conjunction with our architectural technical drawings to aide the planning consent process.

Our clients have found this service to be an invaluable part of the design process as a visual reference aide – making your scheme / project as lifelike as possible and to perceive any design enhancements or revisions prior to construction.


To schedule an appointment for our specialist design and consultation service or for further information including the design and consultation fee, please call 0207 074 8989 or email us through our contact page.

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