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triple glazing weather station.

Notice the Triple glazing on the windows in the Sonnblick observatory (weather station) in Tauern national park at over 3,000m and temperatures down to -40 degrees the glass is still crystal clear.


G Value: What is it?

The total energy permeability ( g value) indicates what percentage of incoming solar energy reaches the room through the glass.

Triple Glazing as compared to standard double glazing, the high thermal insulation capabilities of the internorm window systems allow up to 40% larger glass surfaces with identical heating costs.

It is easy to explain how the window technology ensure perfect internal climate in every season: warm surfaces are perceived to be nice and cosy. This is where the pleasant effect of Internorm triple glazing thermal insulation applies itself: the advanced insulation effect permits the surface temperature of the window pane to be closer to the room air temperature, which rules out the so called cooling veil over the window surface. A cosy spot is created next to the window, and there is a comfortable climate in your living space.

Triple Glazing Benefits include

  • Increased sound proofing
  • Heat retention increases
  • Lower fuel bills means money saved
  • Future proofing
  • More Eco friendly

The technical advancements that have been used on the Sonnblick observation are available for your home now.

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