Structural Glazing for commercial and residential projects


Structural glass is increasingly being used to transform the look of buildings within our City centres. Structural glass is manufactured using a method that increases its strength by up to 7 times, allowing it to be strong enough to walk on safely for glass flooring, walls and ceilings can be made out of it too.

The manufacturing process involves using sheets of glass to be heated uniformly until it is turned into plastic, it is then cooled rapidly using jets of air, and the outer layers nearest to the air jets cool faster and solidify first which contract as they cool down. As the centre layers try to follow they throw the outer layers into a state of compression.

It is this process that creates the incredibly strong glass that is called structural glass and as the name suggests can be used to create glass structures that look stunning and give a modern feel to any building.


Uses for Structural glazing include

  • Office blocks installations
  • Glass walk on Flooring
  • Glass Walls
  • Sliding glass walls
  • Glass Extension rooms
  • Balastrading
  • Glass Pods
  • Staircases
  • Internal glass partitions
  • Glass canopies
  • Facades
  • Lift shafts
  • Roof or atrium type structures
  • Glass support beams


Glass Design and Build UK Ltd are a specialist structural glazing company; we deliver the knowledge and many years of expertise that Glass Design and Build have gained working on numerous architectural glazing projects including commercial, public and listed properties for the commercial and residential marketplace.

A mixture of the latest technologies as well as beautifully high quality glass help to make our own product range resilient and breathtaking. The freedom that structural glass allows our designer is second to none as he will not need to worry about the restrictions associated with conventional aluminium and solid timber structures.

Your home can be extended on one or more levels with a structure that is constructed totally from glass, giving any home a feature to stand out from the crowd.

Structural Glass installation

often requires the glass panels to be craned into the correct position before being bonded using Industrial strength silicone bonds.

Part of our initial site consultation will be to assess the site for access of all machinery that will be used in the construction of your project.

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structural glass with crane


We construct on listed properties along with other period houses; our knowledge is frequently called upon for assignments on graded properties. All these projects require significant consideration of the present construction for the design and style of the added components.


manouvering a large frameless glass panel

Our architectural glazing mastery completely explores innovative glass technologies to produce solutions with spectacular creativeness as well as inspiration.

There is absolutely no typical appearance to our designs and almost anything is possible depending on the budget for the project.

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