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Pivot Doors

Put to spectacular use in modern exterior and interior design with a focus on minimalism, pivot doors can be designed, engineered and installed to help create that spectacular entrance for your home.

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Stylish and Practical Pivot Doors

Generally used as an element of high-end commercial design, this is now entering into the domestic sector and our dedicated team of designers and engineers are proud to be able to offer our bespoke system that is secure and resilient as an attractive, alternative focal portal. We will take into consideration your existing architecture to ensure that such doors can be incorporated into your home with style, design and practicality.

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Bespoke Door Systems

Pivot doors make for a wonderful first impression to your home, these doors don’t just look and feel great to open and close. What’s more, our bespoke pivot door systems also look stunning when designed oversized and create a dramatic statement when done so. We can offer these door systems in many specifications and options including special finishes.

If you would like further information on our stunning and bespoke pivot door systems, please call Glass Design and Build London on 0207 074 8989 or please email us through our contact page.