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Pivot Doors

Put to spectacular use in both modern exterior and interior design with a focus on minimalism, our structural pivot doors can be designed, engineered, manufactured and installed to create that spectacular portal and statement feature adding to the aesthetics of your home.

Our bespoke designed pivot door systems are connected to the aperture above and below the door frame rather than being hinged at one side in the traditional arrangement. Their design and opening mechanism will provide an enduring impact either to the grand entrance of your property, as an internal room divider or as a double pivot configuration leading out to your garden and external space.

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Stylish & Practical

Pivot doors have been widely used up until recently as a feature of high-end commercial design and these are now becoming a popular feature element of choice within our designs. We are delighted to be able to offer our bespoke and exclusive pivot door systems that are secure and resilient as an attractive, alternative focal portal which have been created by our own dedicated team of designers and engineers. We will take into consideration your existing architecture to ensure that our doors integrate into your home with maximum style, design and functionality in mind.

Bespoke & Customisable

Pivot doors make for a magnificent first impression to your home, these doors don’t just look and feel great to open and close but what’s more is that our bespoke pivot door systems also look stunning and create a dramatic and premier feature to your home. We offer our pivot door systems in a multitude of configurations and specifications, whether that be fully glazed or with customised bespoke panels or a combination of both including special finishes that are available making them very customisable to seamlessly blend with the existing architecture or decor and to reflect you personal style.


Minimal Slim-line Glazed Pivot Doors

Our minimal framed slim-line pivot door system is a beautiful and prepossessing addition to any property as a main feature doorway.  With its minimal frame and clean lines that can incorporate our high performance thermal glazed units, our glass pivot door gives your project an impressive and expressive appearance.

Like all our glass doors, the greater the dimensions then the more grandiose they become and our bespoke pivot doors can be designed and manufactured to oversized dimensions whether the aperture is extra tall, extra wide or both thus giving your property a stunning and magnificent semblance.


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