Glass You Can Walk On

Glass Design & Build London are the premier experts in the design and installation of Glass You Can Walk On. We are redefining architectural elegance through creativity and innovation.

glass flooring looking across

Decades of Glass Design and Installation

We appreciate and understand the use of glass in architecture and interior design.  Being unparalleled in its beauty and functionality – our glass floor installations are designed and engineered for versatility and everyday living requirements.

These can also be designed to include enhanced thermal and acoustic properties, providing incredible insulation and low thermal U-value levels.

For the ultimate minimalist design – we can replace some of the steel frameworks with structural glass beams made from ultra-clear glass. This provides total clarity to the structure, thereupon giving a truly stunning effect. We also can incorporate our own bespoke and unique smart LED lighting system that we have developed, not only shining through and illuminating the glass floor but also being integrated into the structural glass beams that can provide the light for the room below. Controlled through your smart device, it can shine white and the full spectrum of colours as it is fully customisable.

If privacy between floors is required, we can provide various levels of obscurity so that rooms are kept private without risking their loss of light; for example – the glass can be sandblasted, acid etched or can even be made electronically switchable from transparent to opaque by remote control.
Watch this space as our research and development team works on our next product, which will combine our aqua-glass with our unique smart LED lighting system.


Incorporating a Magnificent Focal Point

Our structural glass walk-on floors not only provide a magnificent focal point in any location of your property but also offer remarkable, unparalleled natural light penetration to the lower levels, working particularly well in basement areas – which makes our bespoke glass floor systems the optimal choice to maximise the feeling of light and space in a multi-storey environment.

We use our expertise in interior design and glass construction to create stunning structural glass flooring in your home, adding more light and space where needed. Partner with us for the ideal solution.


Where You Can Use Glass Floors

Glass floors are a testament to contemporary design, offering versatile applications in modern architecture. Stunning skylights to enhanced interior spaces providing a unique, transparent element, its usage limited only by imagination.

Our company, Glass Design & Build London, specialises in integrating these elegant floors into various settings, including private residential spaces. Our expertise allows for the seamless incorporation of glass flooring into walkways, staircases and as dramatic, light-enhancing features in living areas. Each installation blends artistic vision with practicality, opening up possibilities for innovative design.

glass walk on bridge
glass walk on bridge

Type of Glass Used in Walk On Glass Floors

Our engineers specially engineered the glass for strength and safety, it is not just any ordinary glass. Primarily, architects and engineers use laminated and toughened glass for its exceptional durability and load-bearing capabilities.

The glass undergoes a meticulous process of crafting and manufacturing. Involving high heat and rapid cooling, therefore resulting in a robust material that resists breakage under pressure. We only utilise premium quality glass ensuring safety whilst maintaining total clarity and aesthetic appeal. Thereupon making it ideal for residential applications.

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Marvel of Modern Engineering

Structural glass floors are a marvel of modern engineering, combining both aesthetics with robust functionality. Meticulously calculated and engineered to ensure safety and durability to withstand everyday use while providing a clear, elegant view beneath your feet.

Here at Glass Design & Build London, we have years of experience from our many installations around the UK and Europe, emphasising this standard and guaranteeing that every glass floor not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Our commitment to creating exceptional environments by combining quality and safety transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones with a balance of design and practicality.

Camberley - Illluminated Glass Floor as viewed from below
Glass Flooring and Glass Staircase
Camberley - Glass Floor installed flush with wood floor
Camberley - Illluminated Glass Floor as viewed from below
Glass Flooring and Glass Staircase
Camberley - Glass Floor installed flush with wood floor

Our Testimonials

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We would like to thank all the team that worked on our home, particularly Jon and Malkick as nothing was ever a problem whatever I asked. We are amazed at the amount of glass that we have now and we can’t stop looking at the views - WOW! and Carl especially loves the new sound system you built into the new living room. Again, we thank you all for the hard work and allowing us to see the incredible countryside around us.
From the start of the construction phase, the team has maintained a clean site and has been working to a very high standard. The effort put in by the team, especially Mark’s guidance on the design side of things at the very beginning, such as design features, specification options, dealing with planning permissions etc., has really paid off and we can’t wait to use our new extension.
We would like to convey out sincere gratitude to you and all the members of your team that worked on our home creating our fabulous new extension. My husband and myself particularly like our new kitchen and all the extra space we now have. We know that some of the build was difficult due to the shape of our house.
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