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Automatic Sliding Doors

Our ultra smooth gliding, and visually impressive Automatic sliding doors, create an ambiance to any ordinary room and opens your home to nature.

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Automatic sliding glass doors are not simply exclusive to shops and commercial buildings anymore, we can also install and integrate our system within your own home. Our bespoke automatic glass doors have been specifically designed and engineered so that the electronics and mechanism are concealed to keep the contemporary design and clean lines of our door system.

Our bespoke electric sliding door systems are not only visually impressive but open and close effortlessly with an ultra smooth gliding motion in-turn creating an ambiance to any room and opening your home up to its surrounding environment.


The ideal interface between technology & nature

Our large automated sliding glass door systems, when installed within the modern home, allow a flood of natural sunlight and a soft gentle breeze to enter your home which make our bespoke automatic sliding glass doors the ideal interface between the inside and the outside either as an elegant, easily accessible connection from the house into the open air or as an unobtrusive room partition.

We offer a wide variety of automatic sliding glass doors, in a multitude of different materials and finishes. Whether you are looking for automatic sliding doors for a contemporary project or a more traditional home, we can easily help and guide you through our many options and specifications.

Providing an unrivalled & bespoke service

At Glass Design & Build London, one of the key aspects of our dedicated and focused service is that not only do we aspire to impart you with our expert knowledge with the very best attention to detail from which we will work to provide you with our ultimate creative designs. We are unique in managing and handling of large-scale design projects, so as well as installing your new bespoke automated sliding glass door systems we can also include custom smart technologies and grand landscaping to enhance your property in-turn, unifying your home with any outdoor space.


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