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Automatic Sliding Doors

Our ultra smooth gliding, and visually impressive Automatic sliding doors, create an ambiance to any ordinary room and opens your home to nature.

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Easily Accessible Connections throughout your home

Large sliding doors on the modern home can allow a flood of sunlight and a soft breeze to enter your home making the ideal interface between the inside and the outside: Whether as an elegant, easily accessible connection from the house into the open air or as an unobtrusive room partition.

We offer a wide variety of automatic sliding doors, in a multitude of different materials and finishes. Whether you are looking for automatic sliding doors for a contemporary project or a more traditional property, we can help you and guide you easily through the many options available.

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Providing an Unrivaled Bespoke Service

One of the key aspects of our service at Glass Design and Build London, is that we provide excellent attention to detail and expertise, when it comes to our design consultation and survey service. We will work to provide you with designs that create more than just stunning kitchens and glass interiors, through the use of the latest cutting edge technology. We are unique in our handling of large-scale design projects, that can also include custom technology installs and your grand landscaping ideas.

For further information regarding incorporating automatic sliding doors to your home, then please call us on 0207 074 8989 or email us through our contact page.